Falling asleep sitting up. Gonna go lay down. Headache.

Maybe I can draw later or tomorrow. I don’t even know anymore, god, I feel so icky..

Underneath the left side of my jaw hurt badly for a moment, then stopped. The right afterwards I had sharp, stabbing pain in left chest. Then stopped.

…. please stop scaring me, body, I wish I had the answers as much as you do.

unable to manage walk to kitchen after using bathroom. lunch is a can of cherry pepsi that I located near the table. thankfull nate hadn’t put the case into the kitchen yet. score.


Yeah pretty much. Sorry everyone, my social skills suck ass sometimes or this would actually be a revelation to some of you.

I’m a potato today and just. kinda here in and out mentally. I managed to watch the first episode of Tokyo Ghoul, tho. p good.

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I was going to watch Night Shift nurses, but the only episode I found was an english dub, and as soon as I heard Jessica Calvello I couldn’t stop hearing Excel Excel in my head so that was a bust. :whines and tries to find subs instead:

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I am awake at 8:30am. I woke up on my own at 8. I… I think I fixed my schedule sorta. Now to just cling to consciousness all day.

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In which seven cats all discover the same slightly elevated flat thing and claim it as their own while pretending the other six cats don’t exist.



Ever Seen a Black Zebra Before?
Earlier this month a newborn zebra was sighted in the north-western area of the Okavango Delta, in Vumbura Concession. The zebra has a rather amazing dark colour due to a small genetic abnormality linked to the amount of melanin affecting the pigmentation of the fur.
by Michael Fitt Wildlife Photography

that is the cutest and most evil baby i have ever seen

if you have depression hypersomnia and insomnia are both common to have. I crash all the time for similar reasons.

I do, and I know insomnia is common to have as well as hypersomnia. But normally with my patterns I just alternate between the two with no majorly noticeable effects, usually by accident. This is new to me. I haven’t napped since I was two years old, and the rarest occasion I did it was because I was sick with some kind of bug and was in and out all day.

For me to suddenly crash out like this for weeks on end, combined with the pain, the palpations, blood pooling/poor circulation and general senses of “I can barely lift my head” are not normal for me. Some are more extreme versions of things I’ve dealt with for years and others are new: ie the sudden crash napping. ono it’s concerning.