Japan never ceases to amaze me.

oh my god i need this


しずえさんがマリオカートに参戦!by STAR★MAN

Permission to upload was given by the artist.


thank fuck youre here

i dont want to play anymore

its not enough of a game anymore

take me home

Ate a thing of Ben and Jerries and four slices of oven pizza. Am terribly full now, but for some reason it raised my pulse up to 75!! HIGHEST IT’S BEEN IN TWO DAYS, THIS IS AWESOME. THANK YOU BIG MEAL.

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Are you okay? I know we haven’t talked in ages, but your posts lately have been making me worried. *hugs*

Yeahhh, I’m fine as can be. Not dying, just have a wonky body. =v=; My heart does some interesting things but apparently it’s actually in perfect health so that’s good! We’re working on finding out precisely how to make me feel better, and alleviate the symptoms. Don’t worry!


劇場版 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ 巴マミ 舞妓Ver.

At some point, I REALLY want to make a parody book.. Maybe if I can ever manage to draw the FF7 folks well enough I can do a Miss Cloud book. :snicker:

slept and woke up, my pulse is finally up to 69-70, but I still feel insanely wiped. Blugh.

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i hate porn. “ohh fuck my ass!!!” you fuck your own damn ass